Crow Butte

  • Crow Butte was the first uranium mine in Nebraska - discovered in 1980 and began production in 1991.
  • Cameco owns and operates the ISO 14001 certified facility.
  • 7 Essential Facts about Crow Butte (PDF - 750 KB)

Crow Butte celebrated its 25th anniversary of commercial production in 2016. The mine and its employees have established an excellent safety and environmental record. They are protecting the land and water of Nebraska for future generations while producing a product that helps provide clean-air nuclear energy for the nation.

Monitor wells ring the ore zone. In all of its years of operation, Crow Butte has never polluted a neighbor’s well or contaminated waters downstream. Water conservation is important. Virtually all the water the mine uses is continually recycled. The average annual consumption of water is equal to about 225 acres or corn under circle irrigation -- about 1-1/2 pivots.

The ore body at Crow Butte is a finite resources and is nearing its end. Annual production will continue to decline until expansion areas are developed. Crow Butte is working to obtain regulatory approvals for three nearby areas, all within several miles of the existing mine. These will be developed as they are approved and as market conditions warrant.

Operations(As of December 31, 2018)
100% Cameco ownership
11.8 m lbs U3O8 long-term production since 2000