Smith Ranch-Highland Earns Innovation Award

All, August 27, 2012

CAMECO INNOVATION AWARD: Shown, from left, are Cameco CEO Tim Gitzel, Chuck Foldenauer, Larry Reimann, Dennis Zimbelman, Cameco board chair Vic Zaleschuk, Jim Clay and Brent Berg.

Smith Ranch-Highland has earned the Cameco Innovation Award for successfully reducing selenium levels in mine effluent.

"We are committed to safe, clean and reliable operations, and I'm proud to say that Cameco Resources is leading by example," said Cameco Corporation CEO Tim Gitzel . "I'd like to thank our employees for their dedication."

To tackle the selenium issue, Smith Ranch-Highland employees collaborated with the Cameco technology and innovation research center in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. Selenium is a naturally occurring element but it poses environmental risks in high concentrations. Reducing the selenium concentration ensures that processed water can be safely returned to the environment.

"It truly is a game-changer, and it will reinforce the credibility that we've worked hard to build with our stakeholders — from regulators and governments, to investors and the public," said Gitzel. "I applaud everyone involved for their ingenuity and leadership."